Dapper Barber & Co @ Plano
Clipper Cut $30
Clipper and Scissor $35
Cut & Beard $45
Cut & Shave $50
Shave $25
Beard Trim $15
Lineup $10
All cuts will be offer shampoo and style

$20/hr booth rental fee
(Any services over $30  counts as 1 hour. Services below $30 (shave, beard trim, lineup doesn't count) Basically all cuts will be charge $20, anything below $30 i will not charge rental fee on.

$30 clipper cut = you will make $10 plus tip
$35 clipper shear = you will make $15 plus tip
$45 cut and beard = you will make $25 plus tip
$15 Beard Trim= you will make $15 plus tip

$10 Line Up= you will make $10 plus tip

You will be label is self-employed and will
be 1099 on your credit card transaction. I will not be withholding taxes, you will have to file taxes at end of year for yourself as self employed.

We provide walk-ins, advertising, razors, cool care, neck strips. And we care about growing the business.

$200 Booth rental fee at other shops
($10 rent fee for first 20 cuts)
$25 cut = you will make $15 plus tip
$30 cut beard =  you will make $20 plus tip
(Almost same as my pay scale)

-low traffic
-care only about booth rental fee
-no promoting

Dapper Barber Plano, All barbers must be punctual and on time, Please come to work on time if you are schedule to work. If you need to take a day off make sure to block off your schedule on your Square booking App I will provide you. No weed, alcohol , rap music, shorts are allowed during work. We are in Plano and must be as professional as possible. If you can not abide by these rule I will terminate your lease with us.

Appointment App (iPhone app only) will be managing all your appointments. It will text the customer and barber when appointments are made, and will send text reminder 2 hours before and email reminder 4 hours before to your customer.


Square POS ( apple and android app) will be managing your transaction. I will not have a cash register. All cash transaction you will keep. All the credit card transaction I will keep, and deduct the the rent from the credit card each week.

Invoice I will be sending you weekly. 30 cuts, 600 rent owed deducted from the credit card transaction. I will cut a check for $500.

Waitlist is program we will be using when people come in and sign in. I will have a computer monitor with a keyboard where you can check who waiting in line, and calendar of all the appointments.