My name is Peter To, My car was brought into Speedee Oil by William Cargile on 5/8/18 to get an oil change. From the information I gathered. The oil tech drain the oil, and did not put any oil back in, and started the car. This was confirmed by the Shop manager Moe, and the owner Haitham also agreed.

Speedee towed the car to "ALL GERMAN REPAIR" for further  diagnostic. I got in touch with the car shop owner and he stated that this car needed to be moved, because it was sitting here for a month. The only reason I got this invoice below from ALL GERMAN REPAIR is because I went up there myself and paid for it cause nobody from SPEEDEE had time too. Haitham reimbursed me $800 for this soon after.

The owner Haitham said he will take care of this through his insurance GUARD. The insurance denied the claim. I brought William Cargile insurance in PROGRESSIVE, and after their investigation believed that it was due to Speedee negligence. They went ahead and paid the claim minus the $2000 deductible. Progressive paid the claim  after they gathered all the facts from all parties involved and made the decision based on everyone recollection and evidence.

Moving foward, my car is ready to be picked up as of 7/19/2018. The deductible of $2000 has not been recovered from any parties involved. I was contacted by the Speedee insurance agent to submit more paperwork so she can submit to GUARD for deductible recovery, which my insurance Progressive has done already, & everything possible including paying for repairs and trying to recover the deductible.  Simply GUARD does not want to pay for anything.

1. I have called Speedee corporate and let them know what is going on. They said work it out with the insurance.

2. If my deductible is not paid for, I will pay for it myself as a last resort. If I have to come to this conclusion, I will let everyone I can know about this location. I will stand in front of Speedee Oil with a sign and start handing out the invoice above. Raising awareness, that it is not safe to get an oil change knowing if something happen Speedee will not pay for it? Nobody should be liable for an oil change accident, accidents do happen, but Speedee should be held liable.